Politics and Fashion in Hessen

January 19, 2008


Match the tie with the correct political party:  

1) Christian Democratic Party- the CDU is generally more conservative and old fashioned. It currently enjoys a majority in the German parliament. 

2) Social Demoratic Party- center left, the SPD calls itself a workers’ party and is currently the second most popular party in Germany.  

3) Free Democratic Party- business and bank friendly, the FDP is German’s libertarian party.  

4) Green Party – as its name implies, the Greens are for environmentally responsible as well as socially progressive policies.  

5) The Left- Die Linke are made up of a coalition of smaller parties, including the remnants of East Germany’s communist party. They are a relatively new party on the political scene.  


kravatte_cdu.jpg1-A bowtie and a vest, it doesn’t get more conservative and old fashioned. Many leaders in the CDU party are “still deciding” if Germany should become a land of immigration or not, although many people would argue that it already is.  

kravatte_spd.jpg 2-C Look at me! The brightest tie on stage. The SPD is desperately trying to catch up to the forerunner conservative party. The SPD’s official color is also red, which is conveniently also associated with workers parties.  

kravatte_fdp.jpg3-E This politician is sporting the official colors of the FDP, blue and yellow. The tie’s gold color and the block-grid shirt also suggest a businessman.  

kravatte_gruene.jpg 4-D A progressive politician, this green party candidate chose not to wear a tie at all and, therefore separate himself from the powers that be.  

kravatte_linke.jpg5-B The leftist candidate also did not wear a tie, but did not bother to take off his coat or scarf as if he didn’t quite feel at home. In the same way, as a party, the newbie leftists aren’t terribly comfortable on the political stage.


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